Air quality sensor

The new worldwide situation due to COVID-19 has caused a 180-degree turn in people’s lives. Now, there are many recommended measures for the control of infections, especially in closed spaces.

Ingenium has completed the development of an easy-to-install, autonomous air quality sensor that measures CO2 concentration. This helps to maintain optimal levels in indoor spaces such as offices, classrooms, conference rooms, etc., thanks to its notification system, helping to know the status of the rooms in real time, thus contributing to improve the air quality that we breathe.

Two versions: Autonoumous and loT

This sensor will be presented in two versions, one fully autonomous (Ref. CA‑AUT), and another IoT (Ref. CA‑IoT) to connect to any WiFi network. In this last model it will be possible to establish different acoustic and light warning thresholds according to the needs. In the autonomous version, the light and acoustic signals will inform of in which CO2 concentration level the interior space is, on a scale of up to 5 predefined ranges.

Santa María del Naranco School has been the first school in Asturias (Spain) to install the IoT model sensor in all its classrooms, from Children’s education to High School, thus making them safer spaces and being able to monitor the center at all times from a centralized check post.