BUSing® installation of 11,500 devices

This month ends the completion of the one that nowadays is the installation with the largest number of BUSing devices.

This is a control facility in the new Central Hospital of Asturias. It is a complex of several buildings including a hospitalization area, an outpatient area, a technical area, an emergency department, a rehabilitation area, an administrative area, the National Institute of Silicosis, a research building, an university area and a teaching area. In total more than 180,000m2.

The building automation installation has more than 11,500 BUSing devices grouped into 176 secondary lines interconnected by 176 ROUTing and 4 ETHBUS. The installation surprises with its speed of communications despite its size, with a response time of 20ms. per device. Among the various actions it also provides for the possibility of daily sending notices by mail of any installation problem.

This installation demonstrates once more the capacity of Busing in the management of large buildings