CUBIC configurator

Ingenium releases the second phase of the CUBIC project, an online design tool for the customization of any thermostat and/or capacitive pushbutton included within the CUBIC product line for BUSing.

This tool has multiple design and customization options, which offers great flexibility and adaptability to the customers themselves in order to customize the designs according to the needs of the project.

Customization process

Simply register in the tool with an email address to access the design area, where you can create different projects with references to each of them. The level of customization depends on the client, being able to follow all the steps described below:

1 Assign a NAME to the design and project, while choosing the TYPE of device to customize. This step includes the  option to choose the color of the cover and the level of adaptation:

2 Choose the BACKGROUND of the button or thermostat from the predefined ones, or insert/load a custom background image, allowing you to freely compose any background design:

3Select ICONS for each of the tactile areas among the battery of icons offered, according to the theme. In addition, these icons can be modified their sizes, change the colors of the outline or add text under them:

4Finally, a fully customized LOGO can be added on the top of the device, so that you can obtain corporate designs or linked to emblematic projects. A plus for any commercial branding image.

Once the desired design is achieved, it is sent directly to the manufacturing department through the website (prior approval of the commercial department), linking it to an existing material order. From there, the customer will be informed at all times of the evolution of his pending order.

It is possible to perform complementary tasks such as duplicating a project, individual designs, or exporting to PDF to validate it with an end customer.

In order to access the tool, it can be done through the URL: or the following icon…