DH COMPLIANT II project presentation

In an attempt to increase the introduction of the new technology in order to improve people’s quality of life; trying to make home a place more versatile capable of adapting and satisfying familiar, work an leisure needs of its residents, was born in 2009 DH COMPLIANT project.

Now we are preparing an evolution of this project that wants to deep in the achievements, called DH COMPLIANT II.

To continue in the evolution of this project we have companies, technology centres and universities in order to successfully develop this R&D&I project. So, the “Infobotica research group” of University of Oviedo leading this process, was able to gather Domótica daVinci and Ingenium as partners.

The aim of the DH COMPLIANT II project is to continue in the development, implementation, certification and spreading of an universal and open standard that allows integration and implementation of service robots with Digital Home. Such development will come levered up in existing standards in robotics and domotics fields, being able to generate a clean and secure communication between them. This will allow producers who have joined this standard to sell products that will integrate with main Digital Home management systems in a quick and easy way.

Service robots provided with such capabilities will bring a quality stamp that certifies they have the universal standard installed, what will allow users to identify that products (spreading) and producers to improve its position against competence.

Due to the relevance of the project, there is financial assistance by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism within the Plan Avanza 2.