Exporting with IDEPA

In his international market growth, Ingenium continues to count on support by IDEPA and the FEDER founds.

As in previous years, we have been granted an International Promotion Grant (IDE/2021/000665), which allowed our company to carry out its 2021 Internationalization Plan (Strategy and Actions).

Despite the crisis caused by COVID-19 and the problems that this crisis has caused in terms of project delays, travel problems due to restrictions and the cancellation of different fairs in the sector, in 2021 we have continued to grow and work hard to strengthen to distributors in markets where we were already present, as well as in the opening of new distributors in countries with great growth potential.

Exclusive contracts have been signed with distributors in different countries, which implies a clear commitment to the brand on their part and a boost to marketing and sales in their respective countries, which we at Ingenium try to support both commercially and, above all, technical level.

To help us in our international expansion, IDEPA (Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias), has granted funds to Ingenium as part of a regional programme to support SMEs in the way of export.