Exporting with SEKUENS

In his international market growth, Ingenium continues to count on support by SEKUENS and the FEDER founds.

As in previous years, we have been granted an International Promotion Grant (IDE/2023/000356), which allowed our company to carry out its 2023 Internationalization Plan (Strategy and Actions).

  • It is worth highlighting this year, among others, actions such as the presence of our company at the SBE (Milan) and Rebuild (Madrid), as well as trips and visits from international distribution companies, always trying to maintain continuous support both at a commercial and technical level.
  • Also strong commitment this year is the restyling and unification of our corporate images and product lines, as well as the continuous updating of the image and content of our website.

To help us in our international expansion, SEKUENS (Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation Agency of the Principality of Asturias), has granted funds to Ingenium as part of a regional programme to support SMEs in the way of export.