First BUSing® Partner training course in Ecuador

The first BUSing® Partner Certification Course has been carried out in Ecuador . The course has been organized by our partners Ingenium Ecuador on the premises of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineers CIEEPI Pichincha in Quito.

The goal of this certification has been to train integrators and professionals interested in BUSing® protocol so they can include in their projects our automation solutions. The course managed to show all content and practices normally conducted training courses in Spain, being the first step in a program of continuous training of more interested professionals.

Due to the interest shown and the efforts of our partner Ingenium Ecuador have also been organized a couple of papers on BUSing® protocol and Ingenium solutions for the University of the Americas UDLA, which were attended by students of electronic engineering and engineering and industrial production showing a high interest in the discipline and mainly concerns the development of their research projects.

Finally, we have also taken the opportunity to visit some public institutions to support Ingenium Ecuador’s commercial work.

To help us in our international expansion, IDEPA (Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias), has granted funds to Ingenium as part of a regional programme to support SMEs in the way of export.