Full control of your installation from an App

Thanks to the free applications of Ingenium, it is possible to interact with your installation from any mobile device, at any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

Available on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad: Ingenium iSC, and on Google Play for Android smartphone or tablet: Ingenium aSC. They are free, no license is required and there is no maximum number of users, nor any other limitations.

Only an Ingenium web server is required in the installation to act as a gateway between the mobile device and the installation. Web server can be integrated in an Ingenium control screen (Ej. PPL4-G) or be a dedicated device (Ref. ETHBUS3) to install in the electrical panel.

Local or Internet Access

Each customer has a username and password associated with the web server, which must be entered in the App in order to access to control the installation. Control can always be performed both locally and remotely from the Internet when the user is on an external network. The username and password are chosen by the customer at the time of registering the web server in the cloud

Easy Configuration

Ingenium has greatly simplified the process of configuring and starting up your web servers so that it is not necessary to have a fixed IP address or open ports on the router, so even the end user can do so.

Intuitive Interface

Once connected to the installation, the application allows you to interact with the system in a very intuitive way, select the page, turn on and off circuits, regulate lighting, control shutters and thermostats, view IP cameras, etc.

The application does not need any configuration beyond the web server, in addition, if it is integrated in a control screen, the end user does not need to learn to handle the application since they are exactly the same, what is seen in the app Is the same display you see on the screen.

Alerts with Notificacions

Thanks to the applications of Ingenium, the user can be constantly alerted of what happens in his installation receiving push notifications in the mobile device.

If an alarm is triggered in the installation, a notification can be sent and if the IP cameras are available, an image can also be received at the moment of the alarm.

Scenes and timings

Another of the multiple options that the applications present is the possibility of creating scenes and scheduling timings, and these are kept synchronized with the installation screen.

Ingenium Apps are fully adapted to control BUSing® installations and KNX Installations as well.