Google Home: «Siri» integration

As it was published a few months ago, voice control of a Ingenium BUSing® installation with Google Home is now available, without the need of any additional hardware.

Besides control is possible from Android or iOS devices through the Google Assistant app,  it is also integrable with Siri voice commands

set it up…

  1. Install Google Assistant App.
  2. Open the app, and press the -tray- button (at the bottom right) and press -Add to Siri- button.
  3. Record phrase «Ok Google» and confirm the recording by pressing Ok.
  4. Go to phone settings and enter -Siri & search- menu in order to activate the option -Listen for Hey Siri- and then record the phrase «Hey Siri».
  5. Finally, verify that in the shortcuts of Siri has included «Ok Google». To do this, go to -Siri & search- menu, to the option -My shortcuts- and check that «Ok Google» has been included.
  6. It will be necessary to add the installation in Google Assistant app. To do this, display the icon menu in the upper left corner, in the -Assistant- tab, select -Control of the house- option. At this point, the house is added looking for Ingenium in the search engine. In this way the account already created in Google Home is linked and the devices linked to that account will appear.
  7. Once the account is registered in the Google Assistant, each device in the account must be linked to a room in the assistant.

Once all these steps are done, and with the phone locked, you can access to Google voice control saying:«Hey Siri, Ok Google», and then say the order you want to execute.