Hospital controlled through BUSing

The Central University Hospital of Asturias, HUCA, located in the north of Spain, in Oviedo, includes an emergency lighting control through BUSing® protocol.

This hospital has a total area of about 190,000 m2 that provides assistance up to 340,000 inhabitants. For this reason, it has more than 1000 beds and 33 operating rooms, as well as laboratories, university classrooms and an auditorium.

11,500 lights controlled through BUSing

The center has 11,500 emergency lights that are controlled individually through BUSing®, knowing their status at all times and being able to issue daily, weekly, monthly and / or annual reports of each and every one of the lights. In addition, it allows to know the status of the batteries, life cycle, etc.


BUSing® system allows the control or integration of a total of 65,536 devices, distributed in 256 lines with 256 nodes each one. This case supports the great scalability of BUSing® system, which is not only oriented to residential sector, but is applicable to any type and size of installation.

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