How to register a user on Smart Touch Plus

One of the most frequent actions of Ingenium home automation users is to create a user on a Smart Touch Plus.

First of all, it should be considered that wifi parameters are correct, that is, the AP mode as No, the name and password of the wifi network correct, and DHCP activated. Also, the version of the Smart Touch must be equal or higher than v1.6.4+.

Create a new user

The steps to follow on a Smart Touch Plus screen will be explained below:


Press on the horizontal line at the top of the screen to display the menu. Select the cloud option.


Select new user option, the only option available if the screen was not previously registered.


A username and password composed only of numbers and letters must be entered, and press ok.


Next, an icon of a cloud will appear, filling up as the project is uploaded to the Ingenium server.

Once the uploading process has been completed, the username and password will be registered on the Ingenium server, and can be used for remote control from the App…

Ingenium aSC – Android
Ingenium iSC – iOS