Ingenium and Fermax signed a strategic alliance to merge home automation and video intercom

Ingenium, a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of devices and electronic systems for home automation has signed a strategic alliance with Fermax, a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of electronic and video intercoms.

Thanks to this strategic agreement, Ingenium strengthens its market position in a time of increasing demand for intelligent buildings.

In the picture: Fernando Maestre, CEO and Juan Francisco Sebastian, General Director of Fermax, with Ana Perez and Pedro Coto, Ingenium Managers.

The agreement, in effect since July 16th, is based on the integration and marketing of home automation systems and products developed by Ingenium, in video intercoms manufactured by Fermax. With this alliance, both companies derive many benefits: Asturian company will finance its expansion and the possibility of exporting its system to more than 80 countries where Fermax is present, while Fermax enhances the automation line in the overall management of communication and energy efficiency of buildings.

Ingenium has developed a communications protocol for home and building automation, which can be transferred to other manufacturers and modifying an installation at any time by adding or removing devices as needed. The communication system is compatible with other brands and can be used both in homes and in offices and public places. For years Fermax integrates some of its video monitors to expand its offering in a segment with great growth potential.

The joint projects the two companies have made in important installation in the northern and central Spain have been highly satisfactory, and that has favored the partnership recently set. Henceforth the two companies will jointly develop the trade policy, both in the domestic and in the international market, opening up new business opportunities for the line of home automation and energy efficiency.

With this new partnership, Ingenium and Fermax reinforce its position in the area of building management and approach to demand of housing systems with automated communication, which are already being built and in a few years will form the so-called “smart cities” characterized by a better use of natural resources with the friendly environment and that will put technology at the service of its citizens.