Ingenium includes support for IP cameras on its Web server

In a clear commitment to the graphical control and management of remote installations Ingenium has included support for displaying IP cameras from the new version of the iOS app.

Thus from an iPhone or iPad,can be viewed live images taken by an IP camera connected to the installation, allowing to keep active the camera view while you can control the rest of the installation.

The image window take by the camera can be moved around the screen so it does not interfere with the control of the rest of the installation or overlap with drawings and icons.

Ingenium offers the possibility to test this new option of IP cameras, remotely connecting through its free App for iOS, to a digital demo.

Once downloaded the application, simply set username and password and upload the project:

  • User: ingenium
  • Password: ingenium

Within the project you can view the video of the IP camera besides acting on the various controls of the installation, checking the changes generated in real time (on/off lights, control lights, up/down blinds, etc…).