Ingenium involved in the SIG BPM project

Presented by the Club Asturiano de la Innovación (Innovation Asturian Club) called “SIG BPM, Integrated Management Systems with BPM Platform”. This new project is directed exclusively to companies that meet the PYME status (Small and Medium Enterprises).
The BPM (Business Process Management) platforms is a set of tools to design and automate any business process.

The ultimate aim is the provision of basic processes on BPM platform to implement an integrated management system aligned with key international benchmarks (R+D+i, excellence, quality, environment, health and safety, HR, strategic planning, sustainability and security of information). This system will improve efficiency through the systematic management of business processes, which are designed, implement, monitor and optimize continuously.

To achieve this target, are proposed software tools that enable business users to design their own business processes and put them up without computer skills and without any programming. To do this, simply draw the process model to automate and configure their objects, and systems will implement it transparently to end users.

From the Club Asturiano de la Innovación, external funding has been achieved through InnoEmpresa Program managed by the IDEPA (between 40 and 50%) for the project implementation.

Project co-financed by: