Ingenium participates in the «Gijón-IN» project

Ingenium participates in the Gijón-IN, Innovative, Intelligent and Integrative City project, within the “Gijón Intelligent Roadmap” development.

It is an initiative presented to the ERDF Intelligent Development Operational Program of the European Union whose objective is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local entities in the provision of public services, through the use of ICT: as well as progress in the governance of the Smart Tourist City and Destination system, in order to improve the quality of life and well-being of citizens.

For this, Ingenium will develop devices based on the IPv6 6LoWPAN internet protocol, which will be provided to users in order to automate their homes, businesses or buildings, thus being able to control this way the lighting, blinds, manage the heating, measure consumptions of electric charges, as well as measure parameters such as temperature, luminosity, movement and humidity.

These will be connected to the network installed in public lighting, establishing a mesh type network. All this will be managed from an M2M platform, which allows transparent connectivity and communication with all types of devices from any manufacturer.

The National Plan for Smart Cities is the firm commitment of the Ministry of Economy and Business to promote in Spain the technology industry of Smart Cities and to help local entities in the transformation processes towards Smart Cities and Destinations.

Financiación Gijón-IN