Ingenium presents its new BUSing® products catalogue, and updates its technical installation manual

New version of Ingenium products catalogue, with graphics and content completely renewed compared to previous versions, includes all new developments done by Ingenium in recent months such as the Smart Touch vertical panel, LED dimmers or 8 outputs actuator. Besides, it collects all current BUSing® devices, which allow covering any kind of smart installation, from the simplest to the most complex project.

This new catalogue contains solutions for control lighting, blinds, clima, audio, intrusion and technical alarms, energy efficiency, etc. It also includes solutions for controlling and managing smart installations such as touch panels or web servers. Control will be possible in local or remote mode using web servers. All BUSing® devices included in the catalogue, are organized by family, to make the consultation easier and more intuitive.
  Download new products catalogue (PDF)

At the same time, Ingenium has update its technical installation manual to version 15, including all the new features mentioned above, and updating wiring diagrams, examples of installation, integrations, etc.

This new manual is a very complete and easy–to-use tool by installers, developing any kind of BUSing® installation.
  Download new technical installation manual (PDF)