New BUSing® Apps

New management systems for automation from SmartPhone and Smart TV.

To complement the new range of web servers (ETHBUS3 and GSMdata), Ingenium has updated its official apps for iOS, Android and Samsung Smart TV platforms, with very functional interface following the same line of design that allows the user to interact with the installation in a very intuitive way.

Our applications allow the control of the different points of the installation, execution of scenes, climate control, consumption monitoring, enable/disable intrusion, etc. All this commands remotely manageable and in a very simple way.
Graphically, the apps will display all project plans, allowing change them with a simple movement of the horizontal carousel. Above them, the icons distributed in the installation linked to different devices.

With new apps, Ingenium aims to facilitate user interaction with the installation, in an attractive and intuitive environment, enabling control from a wide variety of mobile devices that are part of our everyday life.

The project entitled “New systems for the automation and management from SMARTPHONE and SMART TV” developed by Ingenium has been funded within the 2012 call of Aids INNOVA 2012 program, with the number IDE/2012/000428