New BUSing® touch screens

The range of Ingenium’s touch screens has been notably complemented by new models which offer a really interesting functionality.

PPS7 model, with a size of 7″, allows to control and monitor all devices in an installation by alluding icons in each of the areas in the facility. Its detection feature allows the user to automatically recognize devices that are connected to BUSing ® system giving him the possibility to customize the display and scenes available without programming knowledges.

This device allows to control individually more than 1500 points of an installation (lights, blinds, thermostats, sensors, etc.), creating and editing up to 24 areas, permitting to add up to 64 points in each of them. In addition to the conventional control, it allows the execution of more than 100 scenes, 10 of them directly configurable from the screen.

It manages also the control of technical alarms, arming/disarming of the intrusion alarm, real presence simulation, annual timings scheduling, graphical notes-board, etc.

The new PPL10 (10.4″) and PPL7 (7″) models, allow to control and monitor all devices in an installation by alluding icons on color 3D drawings or photographs. This interfaces provide the user the possibility to edit his own scenes (up to 100 different), as well as to program annual timings intuitively. They also incorporate the possibility of intrusion alarm arming / disarming, technical alarm management, presence simulation, temperatures history, weather forecast, graphical notes-board etc.

They include WiFi connection, configurable within your own local network, and they incorporates an integrated web server, allowing the user to connect wirelessly to installation either via PC or via mobile devices, locally or remotely.