New products catalogue 2021

Ingenium publishes the new catalogue 2021, of BUSing® and Wings products, together with the new price list that came into effect on April 1st.

Highlighting the new releases for this year:

New touch-screens and WEB servers

We start including the new family of VIIP home automation screens, with SIP communications support to act as a video intercom if it is connected to a third-party SIP outdoor unit. Continuing in the line of visualization, the new IoT node, ETHBUS‑IoT, uis launched, a DIN rail web server that also allows it to act as a video intercom. On the other hand, the current ETHBUS3, will evolve into the ETHBUS4, a web server with great improvements in performance, visualization and speed.

Cubic range expanded

On the other hand, the Cubic product range continues growing with the launch of two new thermostats, Cubic-TLV and Cubic-TLRV, with tactile areas reserved for temperature control, and fully programmable areas through SIDE. In addition, new references are created, Cubic-THCA, Cubi‑TLCA, Cubic‑TLVCA and Cubic‑TLRCA, which in addition to the temperature sensor, also include a CO2 sensor. In this way, it is intended to cover the new needs that have arisen in recent months due to the global pandemic.

Autonomous CO2 sensors

In addition, from these references of Cubic line with CO2 sensor, two new autonomous devices have been developed for CO2 measurement, for an easy and fast installation in any room: CA‑AUT and CA‑IoT. The first one has a set of lights and sound warnings that allow to know the ranges of the room where it is located. On the other hand, CA‑IoT, as well as measuring CO2, measures VOCs, temperature and humidity. This model also incorporates a WiFi connection, and the measurements of all values can be viewed at all times.

Other devices

Finally, a new programmable device in type C language is included, LOGing, which allows the development of small programs to control any BUSing device in an installation.

As every year, Ingenium continues to develop and launch novelties, making it possible to cover all the market needs in terms of home automation solutions.