Succesful BUSing® Installer course attendance

On September 13-14th, Ingenium recieved at its headquarters in the Technology Park of Asturias, installers from several Spain locations, to attend a BUSing® Installer course, which would certify them as BUSing® Partner.

The attendees appreciated the simplicity of programming the BUSing® system, and the extensive possibilities offered in the world of home automation.


Ingenium offers courses in BUSing® software programming to any electrician or installer who wishes to learn and work with our products.

In our headquarters we have an specific training room, where periodically our technicians impart the necessary courses to learn how to install and program any Ingenium device.

Completion of the course is a prerequisite for anybody who wants to install Ingenium controls, without which they will not be entitled to technical support and Ingenium will not be held responsible for any installations carried out by unqualified installers.

Courses are available in Spain and at approved official BUSing® Centres abroad.

  Please contact us if you would like more information or attend our courses.