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The company is located in the North West of Spain and the entire process from design to manufacturing is carried out in Asturias as a means of ensuring that the high standards demanded by Ingenium in quality of the product are met.

Ingenium products are easy to use, control and install, whether for the home, workplace or public buildings.


Under our own brand name Ingenium, we develop and market products that work with our communications protocol, BUSing®.

Ingenium believes that systems should be compatible with other brands, we have designed our own communications protocol, BUSing®. Therefore, this gives the client the choice of which products to employ or add to an installation. Ingenium collaborates with other manufacturers to integrate their products with BUSing®.

We also offer courses in BUSing® software programming to any electrician or installer who wishes to learn more about BUSing® and work with our products.


Quality is an important part of Ingenium’s company philosophy.

  Quality Policy

First company in Spain certified ISO 9001 in R+D+i

We collaborate with the Spanish recycling associations ECOEMBES and ECOASIMELEC.

Ingenium was founded in 1998 in Oviedo, Asturias.

The primary thought was to manufacture for one of the two protocols already on the market: KNX® or LonWorks®.

However, the founding engineers soon realised that such a move would make their products, expensive and their idea was to make smart systems affordable.

BUSingThe result was the creation of their own protocol, BUSing® which they have made a point of keeping royalties-free and open to other manufacturers.

During the last years our R+D department has developed a wide range of different BUSing® devices available in wired and wireless versions.


Their prized creation was the SR: a hidden 360º movement detector which has won continued popularity since its launch in 2001.


BUSing® is the first distributed communications system designed entirely for home automation and building automation applications.

It is therefore a complete control system adaptable, for performance and cost, both to simple houses than to complex buildings through an infinite range of possibilities.

The control possibilities of this system in houses ranges from the typical technical alarm management application, to more advanced home automation applications such as lighting control, blinds control, climate control or irrigation, IP cameras control, special lighting or audiovisual systems management.

In BUSing®, each of the connected devices has its own autonomy (micro-processed devices) and reach global sense for belonging to a system that includes and makes it part of a much more “powerful” set.


Strengths & advantages

For manufacturers
BUSing®  is an open system, this means that anyone can develop devices without paying any royalty.

For integrators
BUSing® Development System (SIDE) is a fully intuitive software that enables programming of any home automation installation, both of actuators and interfaces.


Ingenium offers courses in BUSing® software programming to any electrician or installer who wishes to learn more about BUSing® and work with Ingenium products.

In our headquarters we have an specific training room, where periodically our technicians impart the necessary courses to learn how to install and program any Ingenium device.

Completion of the course is a prerequisite for anybody who wants to install Ingenium controls, without which they will not be entitled to technical support and Ingenium will not be held responsible for any installations carried out by unqualified installers.

Courses are available in Spain and at approved official BUSing® Centres abroad.

Please contact us if you would like more information or attend our courses.

BUSing® Installer
Basic Level
Elemental BUSing® Certificate Course for installation and basic programming of our products.

BUSing® Partner
Intermediate Level
Qualification aimed to electricians or installers BUSing® experts to accomplish advanced automation installations.

BUSing® Trainer
Advanced Level
Certificate that enables BUSing® teach courses, authorized by Ingenium.

Ingenium understands associations as a powerful weapon to structure the expansion of home automation in today’s society.

Ingenium is an active member and has participated in numerous projects between industry associations which include:



Asociación Española de la Electrónica, las Tecnologías de la Información, las Telecomunicaciones y los Contenidos Digitales



Asociación Española de Domótica



Cluster of Home and building automation and Smart Cities



Asociación Española para la Internacionalización de las Empresas de Electrónica, Informática y Telecomunicaciones

PEP patrocinador premium 2023


Plataforma de Edificación Passivhaus


Because personality and tastes should be reflected in the environment.


Because day-to-day demands require a habitat ready for rest and relaxation.


Because the tranquility and safety are our main aims of the present and future.

energy efficiency

Because energy is a limited resource we have to use it responsibly.

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