Wings: Ingenium’s new line of wireless products

In order to enhance its offer of products for control and automation, Ingenium presents its new wireless line, Wings, to the market.

It is a range of devices based on the BUSing® protocol, which uses radiofrequency to communicate with each other. The new Wings product line has on/off inputs/outputs devices, dimmers, sensors, web servers, etc., thus creating a very complete home automation solution.

The devices support TWO programming modes:

1Using a new mobile APP developed by Ingenium exclusively for Wings, which in a very simple and intuitive way allows to program and start the whole installation.

2Through the SIDE as any existing BUSing® device in the Ingenium catalog, where it is also possible to integrate existing BUSing facilities, with new wireless Wings elements.

This last possibility is a great added advantage to the system, and only requires a small gateway between the wired and wireless system (Ref: BW-Wings).

To all the above characteristics, the control of the installation is added either locally and remotely through the Ingenium app, available for iOS and Android devices (Ingenium iSC and Ingenium aSC).